Festive Hors’D’oeuvres

Cold Appetizers

Minimum of 2 dozen
V= Vegetarian

  • Smoked Salmon or Shrimp Lollipop
    A mixture of cream cheese and dill, roll in shrimp or smoked salmon, served on a lollipop stick
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Sun-dried Tomato and Goat Cheese Lollipop V/GF
    A mixture of cream cheese and goat cheese roll into sun-dried tomato and fresh basil served on a lollipop stick
    $22/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Roasted hazelnut and Honey goat cheese lollipop V/GF
    $22/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Smoked Salmon Blinis
    Smoked salmon with dill cream cheese on a mini herb pancake
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Prosciutto, melon and bocconcini skewer V
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Greek Salad Skewer V
    Marinated Feta, grape tomatoes, and Kalamata olive
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Curry Chicken Salad Cup
    Our famous curry chicken salad served in sesame edible cup
    $14/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Cold Seared Prawns      
    with maple pearls served on a cucumber slice
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Maple Honey and Goat Cheese Crostini
    Finish with dried cranberries and toasted almond
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order
  • Kalamata and Heirloom Tomatoes Bruschetta VG/V
    With a side of crispy crostini an  balsamic reduction
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

Holiday Platters To Go

  • Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin Platter
    Thinly-sliced Beef Tenderloin
    Served with mustard, horseradish & baguette
    $240 (serves 20/30 people)
  • Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Platter
    Sliced Rossdown Farm Organic Turkey Breast with cranberry chutney, grainy mustard & breads
    $200 (serves 20/30 people)

  • Old-Fashioned Smoked Ham Platter
    Sliced smoked ham, served cold, with a variety of bread & grainy mustard
    $180 (serves 20/30 people)

  • Smoked Salmon Platter
    BC Sockeye smoked salmon with capers, onions, lemons & butter multigrain baguette
    1/2 size $190

  • Artichoke & Asiago dips
    With tortilla chips
    $50 (serves 20 people) 1/2 size $28

  • Roasted Red Pepper & Goat Cheese Dip
    With baguette rounds
    $50 (serves 20 people) 1/2 size $28

Hot Appetizers

Minimum of 2 dozen
V= Vegetarian

  • Coconut Prawns
    Tiger prawns breaded with coconut fried until golden brown served with a ponzu sauce
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Christmas Bite
    Roasted turkey, stuffing in a wonton wrapper with cranberry sauce for dipping
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Stuffing Bite+
    Bread, Fresh herb and shallots
    With Choice of wild mushroom with maple bacon bits crust or roasted apple, toasted pecan and aged cheddar cheese
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Scallops wrapped with maple bacon (GF)
    Served with a Romesco sauce

    $26/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Boursin Stuffed Mushroom (V)
    Boursin cheese-stuffed button mushroom and gratine
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Chicken Satay (GF)
    Lemon rosemary marinated chicken skewers served with sauces
    $22/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Indonesian Beef Satay
    Marinated with coconut milk, soy, ginger and garlic, and grilled served with a peanut sauce
    $22/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Sweet potato patties (VG)
    With a hint of curry and fresh herb, panko bread it and baked and served with our rhubarb relish
    $22/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Red Curry Prawn Brochette
    Tiger prawns marinated with ginger, garlic and red curry spice, skewer and grilled served with Raita
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Coconut Prawns
    Tiger prawns breaded with coconut fried until golden brown served with a ponzu sauce
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Brie and Cranberries
    Double cream brie, and cranberries in  Phyllo Pastry
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Caramelized Onion and Chevre Tart V
    Perfect combination of sweet caramelized onion, and French Chevre
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Potatoes Croquette (V)
    With roasted garlic, white cheddar and served with tomato relish
    $19/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Moroccan Meatballs  (pork/beef)
    Moroccan –Mixture of pork and beef  with cinnamon, ginger, chili and honey glaze served on a bamboo Skewer
    $22/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Mini Beef Wellington or Mini Vegetable Wellington
    Beef tenderloin, mushroom duxelle and spinach wrapped in a buttery puff pastry
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

  • Vegetarian spring roll (VG)
    With sweet chili sauce
    $24/dozen. Min 2 dozen order

Other Platters

Small serves 10-20 people, Medium 20-30, and Large 30-40

  • Market Vegetables
    With citrus-herb yogurt dip
    Sm. $40 Med $70 Lg. $90

  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit
    Sm. $40 Med $70 Lg. $90

  • Domestic Cheese and Grape Board
    Sm. $55 Med $85 Lg. $120

  • Mediterranean Dip & Tortilla Chips
    Hummus, Tapenade and Pesto in a beautiful design
    $40 (Serves 20-30)
  • Cold Cut and Cheese Platter
    An assortment of cold cut meat which may include, turkey, roast beef, salami, ham, prosciutto, with slice cheese, served with pickles and fine mustard, and buns
    Sm. $60 Med $95 Lg. $125

  • Charcuterie Platters
    An Assortment of pate, sausages, served with pickle, fine mustard and buns
    Sm. $45 Med $70 Lg. $95

Other Festive Items

Traditional Tourtiere- $35
A blend of Beef, Pork, Potatoes & Fresh Herbs, baked in a Flaky Pastry shell. Served with our own tomato relish

Salmon Tourtiere – $35
A blend of Salmon, Potatoes, Cream & Fresh Herbs, baked in a Flaky Pastry shell

Additional Sides Available

Rosemary and roasted garlic mashed potatoes: $4 per person (4 oz)

Pommme Dauphinoise (scallop potatoes): $5 each (3 oz)

Stuffing: 4 per person (4 oz)

Oven-roasted spring vegetables: $5 per person (3 oz)

Roasted sweet potatoes with maple and Himalayan salt: $5 per person (3oz)

Homemade turkey gravy: $12 – 1 liter

Cranberry and Pear chutney: $15 – 1 liter

Dark chocolate cake with ganache glaze, raspberries coulis and Chantilly cream: $10 each

Apple Crumble: $8 per portion

Sweet Conclusion Christmas Gift Box

Perfect for a gift
24 per box all wrapped in a beautiful box with festive ribbons

All $24 per box

Choice of:

An assortment of Christmas cookies
Gingerbread man, almond, shortbread variety might change

Chocolate truffle
An assortment of flavours

Chocolate bark (assortment of flavours) which may include:
Cranberry, almond and white chocolate
Peanut butter
Dark chocolate, chilli, pecan